996 GT2 ClubSport

Colour: Speed Yellow
Trim: Black Nomex Club Sport
Transmission: Manual
Odometer: 37525 miles
Year: 2002

Specifications and Options

  • 996 GT2
  • Clubsport Package
  • First Registered March 2002
  • Originally Supplied By Porsche Centre Leeds
  • Full Documented Service History
  • 3 Owners from new
  • Speed Yellow
  • Black Nomex Clubsport Trim
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • PCCB Porsche Ceramic Brakes
  • Bucket Seats
  • Safety Cage In Black
  • 6 Point Safety Harness
  • Air Conditioning
  • 18” Monobloc Alloy Wheels
  • CDR 22
  • On Board Computer
  • Seat Belts in Guards Red
  • Xenon Lighting System
  • Windscreen Tinted Upper Part Darker Coloured
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Door Mirrors Electrically Adjustable and Heated


This 996 GT2 was delivered through Porsche Centre Leeds on the 22nd of January 2002 and subsequently spent the first part of its life (up to 2008) being serviced by its supplying dealer before moving to Specialists Porsche Strasse where it has received over 12 services. Allegedly only 13 or 14 (003) MK1 Factory Club Sports were registered in the UK depending on where you take your data from, either way that makes this well documented original panel GT2 somewhat on the rare side? In a post gold rush era where all the obvious cars have shot up in value, stabilised and in some instances returned to values of yesteryear we still get the calls saying where’s the “safe bet", what’s likely to see some growth in line with my 5 & 10 year plan? Quite simply put what Porsche product sits well for the future? When one looks at production numbers this always seems a good starting point. 996 GT2’s aren’t exactly common place and when the plethora of banged substandard cars are eradicated from the mix the numbers reduce dramatically. Who would have thought five to seven years ago that a left or right hand drive for that matter 993 GT2 would surpass 7 digits and in some instances by a huge margin? Honestly, not many of us. So what’s the next best thing that still represents extraordinary value for money given the numbers built ? Roll in the non-traction control, limited production and now ageing rather well 996 GT2. These cars today offer a massive douse of unadulterated analogue fun as well as respect as the true last two wheel drive widow maker. Get it right in this car and you know you have honed those driving skills. Put simply a modern day yet retro classic scary car that still separates the men from the Boys and guess what a car that we firmly believe still has a healthy economical upside if used sparingly as part of a wider Porsche collection. For further information on this 996 GT2 please contact a member of our sales team who are on standby to assist.


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