A Palette of Porsches

An Unforgettable Carhuna & Coffee Morning at JZM Porsche

Carhuna teamed up with JZM Porsche, one of its endorsement partners, to host an exceptional Carhuna & Coffee event this past September. The event was noteworthy, not only for the quality of the cars on display, but also for the atmosphere it carried throughout the day. Held at JZM Porsche’s infamous showroom, the event saw a turnout of around 150 guests—ranging from high-profile enthusiasts to Porsche owners and JZM clients, along with the Carhuna team and founders. The atmosphere was laid-back yet lively, offering a perfect setting for relaxed conversations amongst the who’s who of the UK Porsche scene.

Porsches at the Carhuna & Coffee Morning at JZM Porsche

A Rainbow of Paint To Sample Porsches

But let’s get down to the real stars of the show—the cars. This event wasn’t just any regular car meet; it was a one-of-a-kind gathering of Paint To Sample (PTS) Porsches, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in the UK for quite some time.

From the lesser seen Brewster Green shades on a 991 Speedster, 718 GT4, and ex UK press 997 Turbo S, to the ever more popular Oak Green hue gracing a 992 Touring and another 718 GT4, the cars were nothing short of breathtaking. Each vehicle was displayed according to its colour, making for a visually spectacular array.

Paint to Sample Porsches

The Meissen Blue on a 991 Speedster contrasted beautifully with the Dark Sea Blue of a 992 Touring, while a Viola 992 GT3 provided a pop of unexpected intensity, courtesy of JZM owner, Russ. Fans of earthier tones were not left out, with a Bitter Chocolate 2.7 MFI, that was being offered at auction on Carhuna, and an Ocean Blue 992 Sport Classic also making appearances. And let’s not forget the vibrant Riviera Blue 997 4.0 that had heads turning and cameras snapping all day.

Beautiful array of Paint to Sample Porsches

An Event to Remember

JZM played the perfect host by displaying their own line-up of cars and making sure every detail of the event was fine-tuned to suit the expectation of the Porsche community. The reception from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive; guests were thoroughly impressed by the dazzling array of PTS Porsches, with many stating that they were blown away by the sheer variety and rarity of colours on show.

The opportunity to be a part of this unique event, surrounded by an unmatched collection of vehicles and like-minded enthusiasts, was invigorating in its own right.

In closing, the Carhuna Coffee and JZM Porsche event stands as a testament to the power of community in the automotive industry. It was not just about the cars; it was about connecting people through a shared love of exceptional cars and great coffee.

If you missed this one, make sure to keep an eye out for future Carhuna events. If this gathering was any indication, you won’t want to miss what’s next.

Carhuna and coffee Porsche event photos

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