JZM Porsche Market Report November 2016

While we usually expect to see sales slowing down as Christmas approaches, the market for Porsche cars of JZM quality gathered substantial momentum through October 2016 and has maintained it up to this point. Our stock has generated interest and enquiries from potential JZM customers all over the world, with some buyers keen to discuss deals on more than one car at a time.

No one could have predicted all the headline events so far in 2016, so it is no surprise to hear many conflicting opinions about what is driving this surge in market activity. Our view is that exchange rates are a prime factor, with one-off opportunities to buy low mileage collectables also driving activity. Here’s how we see the current 911 market.

While many regard 2.7 Carrera RS prices as having peaked for the moment, prices for the best pre-’73 RHD S, E and T models have continued to climb. RHD S models now top £200k for the best examples, and anyone who traded their pre-’73 T or E for a 996 GT3 a few years ago may now be scratching their heads a bit.

The recent auction sale of two flat-nose 930s for over £200k each has led to some discussion. Were the prices achieved a true reflection of where impact bumper cars have soared to? We recently sold a beautiful, low mileage LHD 911 3.2 Carrera G50 for a considerable sum, so the impacts seem to be holding firm with pre-’73 models.

964s still enjoy steady demand, due to the 964’s blend of early style with modern comforts. We have some lovely 964 models in stock and are confident in their market appeal. Prices may be trickling up for the 964s but, as far as the normal Carrera models are concerned, collector sentiment feels slightly stronger on earlier air-cooled models.

On to the 993: a success story all of its own. Good 993 Turbos will find a home if owners do not ask the earth for them. Unique colours are generally good news on 993, as the range is known for a quite subdued palette. Our RHD 993 Targa manual found a new home in next to no time and that’s how we would expect most collector-grade 993s to be received by the discerning JZM audience.

In water-cooled models, right-hand drive and sensible mileage are always good news. Top condition 996 and 997 Turbos sell quickly and GT2s are also sought after, with prices trending upwards. Low mileage GT3s are also in demand. Average mileage GT3s have not been moving as quickly in what is basically a collectors’ market nowadays.

We appreciate the positive comments on our special media feeds regarding value for money on current-model 991 GT3. As the Gen II 991 GT3 approaches, there are interesting rumours about production numbers: more on that later. Standard 911 Carreras are slower to sell, and coupes remain top of the list. Soft top models are slow movers.

With so many cars sold in the last few months, we have landed a number of non-Porsche part exchanges, which will be given a chance in the showroom. It will be interesting to measure demand for these other luxury brands against a burgeoning appetite for Stuttgart’s finest sports cars.

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