JZM Porsche Tuning: Turbo Upgrades

We’re been steadily improving the Porsche service information available on our website. To add to our tuning and performance options, we have now added a section dealing with turbo power upgrades.

Our turbo power upgrades have been developed and extensively tested by the leading suppliers in Germany. All power figures stated are well within expected power improvements: we don’t make exaggerated power claims when quoting potential gains.

Porsche 996 Turbo tuning packages include:

Standard Turbo Stage 1 (+70bhp/130Nm) & Stage 2 (+88bhp/150Nm)

Turbo S, X50 and GT2 Stage 1 (+60bhp/120Nm) & Stage 2 (+78bhp/140Nm)

Porsche 997 Turbo tuning packages include:

Gen 1 997 Turbo: +55bhp/110Nm

Gen 2 997 Turbo: +70bhp/120Nm

997 GT2 power upgrade: +70bhp/100Nm

997 GT2 RS power upgrade: +70bhp/100Nm

Email JZM service to discuss the upgrade packages and prices.

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