Jagermeister Porsche 935 in for JZM chassis geometry setup

This stunning Jagermeister Porsche 935 recreation was a recent visitor to our Hunter laser alignment ramp, for perfect chassis geometry as part of race preparation setup.

We carry out hundreds of chassis setups every year and it’s always exciting to play with cool Porsches. Adjusting the 935’s suspension is easy: the car rides on coilovers and just about everything is rose-jointed, making the geometry tweakable down to the finest increments.

Unlike some neglected Porsche road cars, everything easily comes undone on a regularly adjusted race car, so there was no freeing-off to be done before the process got started. The whole job took less than two hours: a cost-effective trip to the JZM setup bench.

Some people pay thousands of pounds to have their Porsche set up elsewhere, only to find that it still does not handle right afterwards. Our chassis setups start at just a few hundred pounds and feedback is always extremely positive.

Email steve@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss how a JZM setup can bring your Porsche back to its best. There is no need to spend thousands of pounds on chassis alignment when you bring it to people with four decades of experience who know what they are doing!

JZM Classic: Porsche 993 C4 restored in-house

We have always insisted on the highest standards for all Porsche cars added to our showroom stock, but when it comes to classic Porsche cars restored in-house, those standards are even higher. We’ve recently completed a detailed refurbishment on this Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Manual Coupe and the car is now in wonderful condition.

As the last of the air-cooled 911s before the arrival of the Porsche 996, the 993 remains very popular with enthusiast and investors alike. This particular RHD 993 Carrera was chosen as the basis of our latest restoration due to its wonderful service history (now on its second service book) and the sure-footed flexibility of the 4-wheel drive chassis, not to mention the factory original Arena Red colour, which has long been a favourite of 993 fans.

The external preparation was entrusted to one of London’s finest bodyshops. Working with the highest quality materials, the paint was refinished to an excellent standard: we are delighted with the stunning end result. The 17” Cup 2 wheels were fully refurbished with new coloured centre caps and are now wrapped in brand new N-rated Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. The original grey leather is presented in super condition and it is always nice to have an electric sunroof. The cabin is simply superb and a perfect place from which to enjoy some European touring.

Mechanically, this car could not be better. To compliment the exceptional bodywork, the 993 received a detailed service including a new clutch, new brake discs all round with new brake pads and sensors, new heat shield to the catalytic converter, many new brake pipes and hoses and countless other minor improvements, before the work was finished off with a full chassis geometry setup and adjust.

More than £10,000 has been spent on preparing this classic RHD air-cooled 911 to the highest standards of retail presentation. We believe that it is now one of the very best examples available. Contact us to book an inspection in person at the earliest opportunity: part-exchange and finance a pleasure.

Air-cooled Outlaw Porsche 911 ST for sale at JZM

So many modern-day Porsche owners dream of building a vintage air-cooled 911 to deliver the ultimate engaging driving experience, but settling on a recipe for the ultimate early air-cooled 911 is never an easy decision. With so many models and engine options to choose from, it takes an experienced Porsche owner to pick the best base model and select the perfect upgrades which will work in harmony to create the perfect end result.

This Porsche 911 Carrera hot rod now for sale at JZM is a good example of what is possible when a long-time Porsche enthusiast approaches a money-no-object early Porsche project.

Built to the lightweight “modern-RS” philosophy, a smart 1987 911 3.2 Carrera with the sought after G50 transmission and all-important right-hand drive was chosen as a base car for this superb driver’s 911. The car was stripped to a bare shell and professionally backdated to the pre-1973 look. All body corrosion was removed with the shell restored to as-new condition.

The front was converted to a centre-fill fuel tank, while the spoilerless engine cover was fitted with a handmade engine grille. Many parts were manufactured especially for this 911, and the chassis bristles with bespoke fabrication include strut tower reinforcements front and rear and a very tastefully modified electrical fuse and relay layout.

Inside the car, a rear roll cage envelops period Corbeau sports seats are fitted with retractable harnesses. A WEVO G50 shifter selects the gears with pinpoint precision. Brakes have been converted to a non-servo adjustable pedalbox system with the Bilstein dampers supplied to suit the lightweight Carrera.

The lightweight doors are beautifully finished, with the clutter-free dash setting the sports-purpose ethos. Aluminium pedals and footboards with an RS carpet set emphasise the lightweight theme, while the odometer shows 2,200 miles since the car was fully restored.

The story of all great 911s starts and ends with the perfect flat six, and this car is a perfect example. Under the engine cover lies a Redtek-built 3-litre ST-style engine, running modern EFI from a Canems ECU through high-butterfly PMO throttle bodies. The detailed spec is too much to list here, but suffice to say that it is an absolute torque monster! Full engine build sheets are available for interested parties.

The transmission was also completely rebuilt with a new LSD and new synchros throughout. The total bill for engine and gearbox was just shy of £30,000, and building this engine would cost even more at today’s money.

All in all, this is a very special car which must be seen to be fully appreciated and one which would certainly cost more than its advertised price to rebuild from scratch. Contact us to discuss this amazing 911.

JZM Classic Porsche: Superb 1970 911E Coupe for sale

Take a look at this beautifully preserved LHD 1970 Porsche 911E Coupe in Light Ivory which recently arrived at JZM for sale. The history of this car is known from new and it is superb throughout.

This 911 was originally supplied through Porsche of Pleasanton in San Francisco, California. The original owner kept the 911E for more than thirty years, until it was passed to an Air Force Colonel residing in San Diego. In 2012, the car changed hands again and the new owner commissioned a full mechanical and interior re-fresh from respected marque specialists. It was most recently sold to its first UK owner and arrived here on January 1st, 2015.

This classic Porsche 911E really was a dream to inspect and passed our detailed pre-sales checks with flying colours. It has never been welded, it has original factory doors, panels and floorpan. This genuine California car has lived the last 45 years in the perfect west coast climate and it is in stunning condition – a condition that is never seen on European 911s after this length of time.

The car has now been fully prepared for the British climate by means of a thorough waxoyling. We say it of all our cars, but this 911 really does need to be seen to be fully appreciated! Email sales@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss.

Porsche 964 Turbo Oil Line Change

Working on classic Porsche 911s such as the Porsche 964 Turbo is never straightforward. Though Porsche build quality is legendary, some cars were driven year-round in their early life, so it is not uncommon for original parts to be seized in place when the time comes to change them.

This was the case with a smart 964 Turbo which recently came in for a service. During our detailed service inspection, we discovered a leaking oil line, which had to be replaced. The cost could be kept down if the fittings would come apart easily and allow part of the line to be saved. We applied copious heat and double the manpower, all to no avail. In the end we had to admit defeat, but it was worth the effort in trying.

We will always try to keep the cost of Porsche maintenance under control and provide ultimate quality for the best possible price. It’s just another reason why so many JZM customers have been with us for decades. Email service@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss your service requirements or see our fixed-price service costs here.

Porsche 911 Turbo Flatnose (930) for sale

Born of the Porsche 935 racing prototype which dominated motorsport for many years after its introduction in the mid 1970s, the flatnose was the rarest 911 of them all: a symbol of true wealth and power. While the styling eventually slipped out of fashion for a time, a proper flatnose Porsche 930 Turbo is now regarded as a truly iconic machine.

The latest Flatnose Porsche 930 Turbo to grace the JZM showroom is this beautifully presented 1986 example in rare Falsen Green Metallic. With just 30,000 miles from new and benefitting from a recent high quality repaint costing over £12,000, the flat six powering this stunning flatnose 930 has been professionally upgraded to include a double-size twin-element intercooler, an uprated wastegate and fuel system to accomodate higher boost pressure and a twin 100mm outlet sports exhaust system for extra oomph.

The legendary 930 brakes have also been modified utilising later larger calipers. The car is fitted with an internal brake balancing system that can be operated from within the cabin. A 40% Limited Slip Differential helps to keep this powerful 911 on the straight and narrow.

Priced very attractively considering the excellent condition, comprehensive maintenance history and substantial recent investment, this unique RHD flatnose 911 Turbo is available for immediate delivery and long-term delight from JZM Porsche. Email JZM Porsche Sales to discuss.

Porsche 993 Carrera LHD in Speed Yellow for sale

Air-cooled Porsche 911s continue to rank among the favourites of investment buyers. This left-hand drive 993 Carrera 2 Coupe is a great example of an investment grade 911.

Finished in Speed Yellow, the colour is perfectly suited to the shapely styling of the Porsche 993. This coupe’s looks have been complemented by the addition of a 993 Turbo front bumper and additional 993 Turbo S air intake ducts. The interior is trimmed in beautiful black leather of the highest quality.

More than £7,000 has been spent in recent times to ensure that this classic Porsche is in perfect mechanical condition. All air-cooled 911s appeal to keen drivers and, to enhance that appeal, this car features a limited slip differential and factory M030 sports suspension.

As last of the air-cooled line, the 993 took advantage of everything Porsche had learned about rear-engined sports cars up to that point. With a wonderfully flexible 3.6-litre engine, sublime 6-speed transmission and multi-link rear suspension, the 993 Coupe makes the perfect usable investment. Contact JZM Sales to discuss this rare opportunity!

KW Suspension for classic Porsche 911 SC

We’ve just fitted KW Suspension’s latest V3 kit for impact bumper 911s to this 1979 Porsche 911 SC. The conversion from standard Bilstein struts and rear dampers to the adjustable KW kit was very straightforward. We also took the opportunity to change the rear spring plates complete with suspension bushes and covers as the originals were in a pretty bad state.

Our photos show just how much wear the spring plate bushes had endured since 1979: almost forty years ago! Such wear is common on an old Porsche and causes big changes in suspension geometry under acceleration and braking. Sudden geo changes are the root cause of the dangerous rear-steer characteristics found in many older 911s. Suspension bushes deserve careful inspection every service and replacement when worn.

KW’s latest suspension kit is one of two full kits suitable for the impact bumper 911s. The kit fitted to this Porsche 911 SC uses the original torsion bar setup, while the track-friendly Clubsport kit does away with the torsion bars and goes to full coilover suspension. This would be overkill for purely road-use 911s. The V3 kit with its galvanised steel body and adjustable rebound and compression certainly impressed our very own tame racing driver on road test, following a full 4-wheel alignment once the new dampers had been fitted.

“The new KW suspension feels great on this classic 911,” said JZM Technical Director, Steve McHale. “Not too stiff but solid on the road. By replacing the old parts with modern KW dampers, the car feels planted and confident. This kit is the perfect upgrade for cars with older, worn-out dampers, especially when the suspension bushes may also be in need of replacement.”

Email JZM Parts to discuss fitting details and prices for the V3 kit for impact-bumper 911s including the Porsche 911 SC, Carrera 3.2 and 930 Turbo models.

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