KW launches suspension kits for 718 Porsche Boxster/Cayman

Our friends at KW Suspension have just launched some exciting new damper kits for the latest Porsche Boxster and Cayman. The market leaders in high end aftermarket suspension upgrades, KW Automotive has unveiled a Height Assisted Spring kit, Variant 3 package and a range-topping 3-way Clubsport option.

While Porsche endowed its latest Boxster and Cayman models with divine chassis balance, there is room for improvement in the quality of standard suspension. However, this does not mean the cars must be substantially altered in ride height or appearance.  KW’s Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kit is a great place to start when upgrading the standard 718 suspension.

KW’s HAS kit features an innovative spring perch, which allows for individual height adjustment while the springs are in situ. This is a great advantage over traditional spring kits, which force owners to choose a final ride height before the springs are fitted. KW’s clever engineering solution makes adjusting the ride height very straightforward, which gives Porsche owners substantial control over how their car looks and handles.

Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman Variant V3 Suspension

Boxster and Cayman owners keen on a distinct lift in suspension performance should certainly look closely at the all-new Variant V3 kit for 718 models. Providing the perfect balance between fast road and regular track day use, KW Variant V3 suspension is a recommended upgrade here at JZM Porsche and our KW factory-trained technicians would be delighted to fit this to your 718, including a full geo alignment on our Hunter setup ramp.

KW’s patented valve technology is the secret behind the V3’s ability. The coilovers allow independent adjustment of both damper compression (bump) and rebound settings while the units are on the car. This again permits owners to make fine adjustments to key handling characteristics for a completely tailored ride quality. Adjusting the compression could not be easier: just click the the lower adjustment wheel through any of its 12 preset positions. Rebound rates are similarly adjustable, by using a similar cog with 16 preset points.

KW upgraded suspension for PASM-equipped Porsche 718 models

KW has developed two types of Variant 3 kit: one cars fitted with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), one for those without. All 718-chassis owners can benefit from the upgraded KW suspension experience, safe in the knowledge that the kit is entirely compatible with the car’s electronics.

Clubsport Coilovers for Porsche Cayman/Boxster

The final product in the new KW Suspension range for 718 models is a Clubsport coilover kit, aimed at serious track day enthusiasts. While still providing a high-quality ride on the road, Clubsport dampers include a further step up in valving technology, allowing owners to adjust rebound through 16 positions, low speed compression through 6 settings and high speed compression through 14 preset positions. We have fitted many Clubsport kits and are always amazed at the performance they can unlock – highly recommended upgrade for any Porsche.

JZM is a preferred partner and recommended technical centre for all KW Suspension upgrades. We carry a full range of KW kits in stock and we can ship worldwide. Email to discuss.

Don’t forget that our next Cars, Coffee and Croissants event takes place on October 1st. KW representatives will be on site to discuss all of the kits available for every Porsche model, including classic air-cooled 911s.

KW Suspension Summer Sale at JZM

Enthusiastic Porsche drivers can save up to £300 on the finest spring and damper packages from KW Suspension at JZM Porsche, thanks to KW’s summer sale.

Germany’s premier aftermarket suspension manufacturer has introduced a suspension specific voucher code, which is valid until September 30th, 2017 for all KW Suspension purchases made from JZM Porsche.

  • Variant 1 systems now have £100 off with voucher code KWSUSA2017V1UK
  • Variant 2 systems now have £200 off with voucher code KWSUSA2017V2UK
  • Variant 3 systems now have £300 off with voucher code KWSUSA2017V3UK

Contact us to discuss a KW upgrade with optional fitting and chassis alignment at JZM Porsche. We have fitted hundreds of KW systems and nothing beats the feel of decent suspension, properly set up on a great 911. Email to discuss.

Manthey Nurburgring Track Day: May 10, 2017

Our friends at Manthey Racing have asked us to share details of their upcoming track day at the Nürburgring next Wednesday May 10. This will be a very special track day, with a meet-and-greet and barbecue at Manthey workshops on the Tuesday evening, and a detailed briefing at the Ring on Wednesday morning, before just 80 road cars are allowed on track for the entire day.


  • Rental of Nürburgring-Nordschleife racetrack (max. 80 vehicles)
  • Manthey-Racing technology service
  • Michelin tyre service
  • Full-day corporate/product presentation by the Scherer Group, KW Automotive etc. (car park on Nordschleife approach road)
  • Racetrack safety package including breakdown vehicle
  • Manthey-Racing instructors (€150/hour)
  • Catering 10.05.2017: food and non-alcoholic beverages from 08.30h – 17.00h (Devil’s Diner restaurant; all other purchases at the entrant’s own expense)

Entry fee including all the above-mentioned services:

  • Per road vehicle including one driver + one passenger/accompanying person €999
  • Each additional driver €299
  • Each additional passenger/accompanying person €129

All prices including rate of VAT at 19%. Download the PDF with more details here.

KW Suspension for classic Porsche 911 SC

We’ve just fitted KW Suspension’s latest V3 kit for impact bumper 911s to this 1979 Porsche 911 SC. The conversion from standard Bilstein struts and rear dampers to the adjustable KW kit was very straightforward. We also took the opportunity to change the rear spring plates complete with suspension bushes and covers as the originals were in a pretty bad state.

Our photos show just how much wear the spring plate bushes had endured since 1979: almost forty years ago! Such wear is common on an old Porsche and causes big changes in suspension geometry under acceleration and braking. Sudden geo changes are the root cause of the dangerous rear-steer characteristics found in many older 911s. Suspension bushes deserve careful inspection every service and replacement when worn.

KW’s latest suspension kit is one of two full kits suitable for the impact bumper 911s. The kit fitted to this Porsche 911 SC uses the original torsion bar setup, while the track-friendly Clubsport kit does away with the torsion bars and goes to full coilover suspension. This would be overkill for purely road-use 911s. The V3 kit with its galvanised steel body and adjustable rebound and compression certainly impressed our very own tame racing driver on road test, following a full 4-wheel alignment once the new dampers had been fitted.

“The new KW suspension feels great on this classic 911,” said JZM Technical Director, Steve McHale. “Not too stiff but solid on the road. By replacing the old parts with modern KW dampers, the car feels planted and confident. This kit is the perfect upgrade for cars with older, worn-out dampers, especially when the suspension bushes may also be in need of replacement.”

Email JZM Parts to discuss fitting details and prices for the V3 kit for impact-bumper 911s including the Porsche 911 SC, Carrera 3.2 and 930 Turbo models.

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