Porsche launches the all-new Cayenne

Porsche has announced the new Cayenne: the third edition and a brand new version of the all-conquering sporty 4×4 which shot Porsche from being a small-scale sports car manufacturer into the five-door mainstream when it was first released in 2003.

Technical highlights are fascinating, with two new turbocharged engines on offer at launch, an eight-speed Tiptronic S automatic gearbox, new chassis systems and an innovative display and control concept with “total connectivity”.
Launch engines are both turbocharged six-cylinder petrols. The newly-developed single turbo 3-litre V6 makes 340 horsepower: up 40 hp on the previous model. Also new is the 2.9-litre V6 twin-turbo engine found in the Cayenne S, now making 440 hp, which is 20 hp more than the outgoing car.

When fitted with Sport Chrono and launch control, the new Cayenne S charges from zero to 62 mph in less than five seconds: an impressive figure for a car that is 65 kilos lighter than its predecessor but still weighs over two tonnes.

Drawing on the 911 for design inspiration, the new Cayenne’s chassis features staggered wheels – now a minimum 19” diameter – and rear-wheel steering.

Weight has been saved in the chassis; now with a separated link design front axle and a multi-link rear axle. PDCC and three-chamber air suspension along with active all-wheel drive ensure impeccable road manners. As few Cayennes ever go off road and tyres are the limiting factor here, Porsche says little about enhanced off road performance, but it is pretty good in any case, assuming there is no thick mud to confuse the rubber circles.

Inside, the boot is much bigger with an extra one hundred litres of space. All Cayennes come with LED headlights as standard, with PDLS dynamic lighting as an option. The top end Cayenne option is exceptionally impressive technology: high beams can be used without the risk of dazzling oncoming drivers and the system even compensates lighting to ensure no road sign glare.

The new eight-speed Tiptronic is similarly impressive technology. The performance increases are as attributable to the all-new transmission as to the engine. “Shorter response times and sportier ratios in the lower gears enhance both on-road performance and off-road capability. At the other end of the expanded spread between comfort and sportiness, the taller eighth gear ensures lower revs, optimised fuel consumption and relaxed cruising,” says Porsche.

The streamlined design features a new front end with bigger air intakes, new lines off the lights and small tweaks to overall length and height. While the wheelbase is unchanged, the elongated form offers a very contemporary statement – it is a good looking car.

With PIWIS 3 diagnostics in our workshops linking us straight to Porsche headquarters for daily software updates and individual car build data, JZM Porsche is already equipped to service and maintain the all-new Cayenne. We look forward to seeing the first examples in the JZM service centre!

Here’s some video of the new Cayenne in motion:

KW launches suspension kits for 718 Porsche Boxster/Cayman

Our friends at KW Suspension have just launched some exciting new damper kits for the latest Porsche Boxster and Cayman. The market leaders in high end aftermarket suspension upgrades, KW Automotive has unveiled a Height Assisted Spring kit, Variant 3 package and a range-topping 3-way Clubsport option.

While Porsche endowed its latest Boxster and Cayman models with divine chassis balance, there is room for improvement in the quality of standard suspension. However, this does not mean the cars must be substantially altered in ride height or appearance.  KW’s Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kit is a great place to start when upgrading the standard 718 suspension.

KW’s HAS kit features an innovative spring perch, which allows for individual height adjustment while the springs are in situ. This is a great advantage over traditional spring kits, which force owners to choose a final ride height before the springs are fitted. KW’s clever engineering solution makes adjusting the ride height very straightforward, which gives Porsche owners substantial control over how their car looks and handles.

Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman Variant V3 Suspension

Boxster and Cayman owners keen on a distinct lift in suspension performance should certainly look closely at the all-new Variant V3 kit for 718 models. Providing the perfect balance between fast road and regular track day use, KW Variant V3 suspension is a recommended upgrade here at JZM Porsche and our KW factory-trained technicians would be delighted to fit this to your 718, including a full geo alignment on our Hunter setup ramp.

KW’s patented valve technology is the secret behind the V3’s ability. The coilovers allow independent adjustment of both damper compression (bump) and rebound settings while the units are on the car. This again permits owners to make fine adjustments to key handling characteristics for a completely tailored ride quality. Adjusting the compression could not be easier: just click the the lower adjustment wheel through any of its 12 preset positions. Rebound rates are similarly adjustable, by using a similar cog with 16 preset points.

KW upgraded suspension for PASM-equipped Porsche 718 models

KW has developed two types of Variant 3 kit: one cars fitted with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), one for those without. All 718-chassis owners can benefit from the upgraded KW suspension experience, safe in the knowledge that the kit is entirely compatible with the car’s electronics.

Clubsport Coilovers for Porsche Cayman/Boxster

The final product in the new KW Suspension range for 718 models is a Clubsport coilover kit, aimed at serious track day enthusiasts. While still providing a high-quality ride on the road, Clubsport dampers include a further step up in valving technology, allowing owners to adjust rebound through 16 positions, low speed compression through 6 settings and high speed compression through 14 preset positions. We have fitted many Clubsport kits and are always amazed at the performance they can unlock – highly recommended upgrade for any Porsche.

JZM is a preferred partner and recommended technical centre for all KW Suspension upgrades. We carry a full range of KW kits in stock and we can ship worldwide. Email parts@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss.

Don’t forget that our next Cars, Coffee and Croissants event takes place on October 1st. KW representatives will be on site to discuss all of the kits available for every Porsche model, including classic air-cooled 911s.

Jagermeister Porsche 935 in for JZM chassis geometry setup

This stunning Jagermeister Porsche 935 recreation was a recent visitor to our Hunter laser alignment ramp, for perfect chassis geometry as part of race preparation setup.

We carry out hundreds of chassis setups every year and it’s always exciting to play with cool Porsches. Adjusting the 935’s suspension is easy: the car rides on coilovers and just about everything is rose-jointed, making the geometry tweakable down to the finest increments.

Unlike some neglected Porsche road cars, everything easily comes undone on a regularly adjusted race car, so there was no freeing-off to be done before the process got started. The whole job took less than two hours: a cost-effective trip to the JZM setup bench.

Some people pay thousands of pounds to have their Porsche set up elsewhere, only to find that it still does not handle right afterwards. Our chassis setups start at just a few hundred pounds and feedback is always extremely positive.

Email steve@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss how a JZM setup can bring your Porsche back to its best. There is no need to spend thousands of pounds on chassis alignment when you bring it to people with four decades of experience who know what they are doing!

JZM Classic: Porsche 993 C4 restored in-house

We have always insisted on the highest standards for all Porsche cars added to our showroom stock, but when it comes to classic Porsche cars restored in-house, those standards are even higher. We’ve recently completed a detailed refurbishment on this Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Manual Coupe and the car is now in wonderful condition.

As the last of the air-cooled 911s before the arrival of the Porsche 996, the 993 remains very popular with enthusiast and investors alike. This particular RHD 993 Carrera was chosen as the basis of our latest restoration due to its wonderful service history (now on its second service book) and the sure-footed flexibility of the 4-wheel drive chassis, not to mention the factory original Arena Red colour, which has long been a favourite of 993 fans.

The external preparation was entrusted to one of London’s finest bodyshops. Working with the highest quality materials, the paint was refinished to an excellent standard: we are delighted with the stunning end result. The 17” Cup 2 wheels were fully refurbished with new coloured centre caps and are now wrapped in brand new N-rated Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. The original grey leather is presented in super condition and it is always nice to have an electric sunroof. The cabin is simply superb and a perfect place from which to enjoy some European touring.

Mechanically, this car could not be better. To compliment the exceptional bodywork, the 993 received a detailed service including a new clutch, new brake discs all round with new brake pads and sensors, new heat shield to the catalytic converter, many new brake pipes and hoses and countless other minor improvements, before the work was finished off with a full chassis geometry setup and adjust.

More than £10,000 has been spent on preparing this classic RHD air-cooled 911 to the highest standards of retail presentation. We believe that it is now one of the very best examples available. Contact us to book an inspection in person at the earliest opportunity: part-exchange and finance a pleasure.

JZM Testimonial in 911 & Porsche World

We’ve just read a very nice thank-you testimonial letter from one of our recent Porsche service customers in 911 & Porsche World magazine. The letter comes from Andy and Debbie Goding, who own a Porsche 996 Cabriolet. Andy says this:

Having had to sell my beloved Porsche 964 Cabriolet on the birth of my son some years ago, I was delighted on my retirement to be able to get back into 911 motoring with a 996 C2 Tiptronic Cabriolet. Yes, I know, not the most desirable in the current climate, but I love it. Obviously there’s been the usual trials and tribulations, but it’s fair to say that it’s been a pleasure to drive. 

But enough of the history lesson. As well as the Porsche, I also bought a property in Spain for my retirement. Back in March, I was going to drive in 996 to the apartment and so filled up with fuel today before setting off. Suddenly though, the voltmeter plummeted. Now bearing in mind I had ferries booked in advance, the first leaving at 11 AM the following day, it is fair to say that I was stressed and my wife was in tears!

Luckily, my local Porsche specialist is JZM in Kings Langley. I limped in there, told them what had happened and our predicament. The staff were so considering with our situation. JZM chief, Steve McHale, dealt with me personally and was absolutely amazing. He knew immediately it was an alternator fault, sourced one for delivery within half an hour and top mechanic Mike Etherington fitted it.

I was back on in the road in three hours and home in Mallorca within two days. Amazing staff and amazing service. A big thanks to them all. I know I have been thoroughly spoilt by JZM and only wish they would open a branch in Mallorca. 

Many thanks to Andy and Debbie for taking the time to write this letter to the magazine. We were delighted to be of service: it is always a pleasure to help good people enjoy their Porsches and realise their dreams.

Free Air-Con re-gas with all JZM Porsche services to August 31st

We’ve added a second offer to the JZM Porsche service offering from now until August 31st. Customers can either use our extended Summer Check and service discount offer, or opt for the latest offer of a free air-con re-gas.

Note that free re-gas depends on your system being leak free and capable of holding pressure. There is no compensatory discount should the system be found to be leaking once our Bosch Autoclimate CoolTech air-con machine is connected to it, but we will let you know where any leak is and how much it will cost to repair.

Keep cool with JZM! Whatever your model of Porsche, working air-con is an absolute must-have. Email service@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss either offer.

Porsche 964 Turbo Oil Line Change

Working on classic Porsche 911s such as the Porsche 964 Turbo is never straightforward. Though Porsche build quality is legendary, some cars were driven year-round in their early life, so it is not uncommon for original parts to be seized in place when the time comes to change them.

This was the case with a smart 964 Turbo which recently came in for a service. During our detailed service inspection, we discovered a leaking oil line, which had to be replaced. The cost could be kept down if the fittings would come apart easily and allow part of the line to be saved. We applied copious heat and double the manpower, all to no avail. In the end we had to admit defeat, but it was worth the effort in trying.

We will always try to keep the cost of Porsche maintenance under control and provide ultimate quality for the best possible price. It’s just another reason why so many JZM customers have been with us for decades. Email service@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss your service requirements or see our fixed-price service costs here.

Tyre Fitting and Suspension Geometry at JZM Porsche

It is worth remembering that, as well as providing the finest service and tuning services for all Porsche models, JZM also supplies and fits tyres to fit every Porsche manufactured, and can offer a full suspension set up and wheel alignment service, to ensure the new tyres do not get worn out excessively quickly.

We recently investigated poor handling on a 911 which had been set up elsewhere at very high cost (over four figures). The owner complained of a pull to one side, and scary handling at speed. Once on the ramp, we found one balljoint was so worn out it was hanging off the car. The settings were all over the place – clearly very dangerous.

We trust our customers to know what they are feeling when driving their cars. If your Boxster, Cayman or 911 is handling on a knife-edge, something is amiss. A well set-up Porsche should be super-friendly to drive and in no way intimidating.

We are always happy to inspect any handling concerns you may have. Email JZM service to discuss our tracking services and tyre supply and fitting prices.

Porsche Cayenne Engine Lights Troubleshooting

This smart Porsche Cayenne V6 TDI recently arrived at the JZM workshop in a state of some distress, or so the dashboard warning lights would have us believe. The owners were convinced the engine was in trouble and that the bills would be huge. Cayenne engines are generally reliable so we plugged it in to our official Porsche PIWIS 3 diagnostic set up and had a look at the fault codes being reported.

PIWIS 3 has a direct connection to the factory at Stuttgart and downloads technical updates daily. If Porsche know a model has an issue, bulletins are issued to PIWIS 3 users which explain how to solve it. JZM Porsche is one of only two specialists in the UK using Porsche PIWIS 3 – it is an expensive tool but absolutely essential to properly maintain the newer models.

Our first instinct with urban Cayennes – especially diesels – is that they are usually choked up from sitting in traffic most of their lives. This gives emission problems as the catalytic converters can only recycle and burn off pollutants when the car is on a long run at speed. PIWIS 3 checked every operating system on the Cayenne and pointed out a few faults: mainly emissions-related issues.

The owner confirmed the car was not solely used around town, so it had been going through its emissions cycles. We recycled the cats using PIWIS and, while it improved the situation, it did not solve it completely. We then checked other areas including the data being fed to the ECU – was this a sensor issue? While PIWIS had already shown its merit in manually cycling the catalytic converters, the process of finding faulty sensors is where it comes into its own.

PIWIS checks and reports on the condition of every part on the car in real time. With the car running for an extended period, we could see that a number of temperature sensors were not reading sufficiently high. Incorrect temp readings would obviously affect the ECU function, so we tracked these parts down and went through further checks to narrow it down to a single component.

After numerous emails and phone calls to Porsche, checking their opinions and knowledge of similar issues, we went with our best instinct on which sensor was likely causing the issue. Finally the Cayenne had a spring back in its step. It had been a long process to find the issue, but we would never have found it with the PIWIS system and a technical hotline to Porsche, just in case.

If you are running a late model Porsche – anything from a 981 or 718 Boxster/Cayman to a brand new 991 GT3 RS or 918 Spyder, only PIWIS 3 can correctly communicate with your vehicle and ensure it is functioning correctly. With our service workshop labour rate an average of £40 per hour cheaper than official Porsche dealers, why take it anywhere else? Email service@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss your next appointment.

KW suspension and major service for classic Porsche 964

This 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera is the latest 911 to benefit from our extensive experience with KW Suspension fitting and set up, including chassis geometry. Arriving in the JZM workshop for a service and attention to tired suspension, the high quality KW Suspension Variant 1 kit for Porsche 964 was the obvious choice to replace worn-out original equipment.

The KW V1 kit is the ideal suspension upgrade for customers wishing to rely on the experience of KW engineers to set the damper setting, yet determine their own degree of lowering. In extensive driving tests, KW Suspension engineers have set the dampers for the best balance between sporty driving, comfort and safety. Once the durable stainless steel dampers have been fitted, the 911 owner is then free to decide the best height setting for their use and preference.

In service for almost thirty years and with 150,000 miles on the clock, it’s perfectly reasonable that the suspension of this classic Porsche 911 would be past its best. Fitting the superb modern technology of adjustable dampers and springs from KW Suspension of Germany is the easiest way to set the car up for the next thirty years! Email service@jzm.south.co.uk to discuss what we can offer in KW dampers for your 911.

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