Track Day setup for a 991 GT3

JZM Porsche is well established as the UK’s premier Porsche GT3 specialist, which means that we get a lot of Porsche GT2s and GT3s in the workshop for tuning and track day setup on our Hunter laser alignment ramp. Before a car goes on the ramp, we loosen and lubricate all of the suspension components, to ensure everything can move freely as part of the setup process, and fit any new parts which our customers have asked for.

No stranger to track days, this 991 GT3 returned to the JZM workshop for setup tweaks including extra front camber. The standard Porsche arms do not permit enough movement for more aggressive setups, so we alter the geometry using a mix of Porsche components. In the case of this 991, we also had to repair and paint the underside of the front bumper, after someone forgot to use the Front Axle Lift when going over a speed hump!

Want a JZM setup on your 911? Email Steve McHale at JZM about all of our Porsche tuning products, including KW Suspension and Akrapovic titanium exhausts.



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