Tyre Fitting and Suspension Geometry at JZM Porsche

It is worth remembering that, as well as providing the finest service and tuning services for all Porsche models, JZM also supplies and fits tyres to fit every Porsche manufactured, and can offer a full suspension set up and wheel alignment service, to ensure the new tyres do not get worn out excessively quickly.

We recently investigated poor handling on a 911 which had been set up elsewhere at very high cost (over four figures). The owner complained of a pull to one side, and scary handling at speed. Once on the ramp, we found one balljoint was so worn out it was hanging off the car. The settings were all over the place – clearly very dangerous.

We trust our customers to know what they are feeling when driving their cars. If your Boxster, Cayman or 911 is handling on a knife-edge, something is amiss. A well set-up Porsche should be super-friendly to drive and in no way intimidating.

We are always happy to inspect any handling concerns you may have. Email JZM service to discuss our tracking services and tyre supply and fitting prices.

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