Manthey Racing 981 GT4 Suspension Arm Kit

Through Extensive testing at the Nurbugring, Manthey Racing has produced a suspension package which enables the 981 GT4 to work perfectly when used on track or road.

From the factory, the ‘Standard’ GT4 cannot achieve optimum camber or toe adjustments for track use. Fitment of this kit increases the range of adjustment possible allowing for the correct front and rear camber and toe adjustments that are necessary if the vehicle is to be used on track.

All round stability is increased and the 981 GT4’s inherent understeer is completely eliminated. Fitment of the Manthey GT4 kit, along with a JZM Track Day set-up & Geometry will transform the driving characteristics of your GT4.

£1,750.00 +VAT  •   £2,100.00 incl. VAT

SKU: MTH034300
981 • 2012 – 2016
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