Max Protect Coating Micro Sponge XL

Max Protect Applicator Micro Sponge.

These are precision laser cut micro sponges especially developed for UNC v1, UNC v2, UNC v2+, UNC v3, UNC-R LITE, UNC-R & PRO ELITE application. They save up to 50% of the liquid if compared to the round cotton make-up applicators.

How does it work?

The sponge fibres does not absorb the liquid like cotton applicators and many other applicators do. They keep the product “inside” the sponge, and as soon as you place it on the surface and press on the applicator gently, liquid gets released and you spread it evenly with the same sponge.

How many sponges do I need to do the whole car?

You will need only 1 sponge per product – if applying only UNC v1, you can apply up to 3 layers with the same sponge. If applying UNC v1 + UNC v2, we recommend to take a new sponge for UNC v2. After the application the sponges can’t be used again as the product will crystallize and the sponges will go rock solid.

£14.96 +VAT  •   £17.95 incl. VAT

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