Max Protect Slow Flexible Membrane Coating

UNC-R LITE (formally known as UNC-R 1.5) is a slower version of Max Protect’s incredible flexible membrane coating UNC-R. It is a permanent nano rubber coating designed specifically for hotter climates. Can be appied in temperatures of up to +40c This flexible nature enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build-up* and does not suffer from hard water spotting like some ceramic coatings do. Much easier to apply than UNC-R or PRO ELITE.

The perfect choice for satin/matte vinyl or paint protection film applications. Slower flash-off times enable the coating to be spread evenly and removed easily without streaks or patches. For Satin/Matte finish a single layer is recommended, for gloss finish 2 layers are recommended.

Incredibly glossy, super smooth and easy to clean surface is what UNC-R LITE is about. Same as Max Protect’s Nano Glass Coatings, UNC-R LITE is a permanent coating and can only be removed with sand paper once fully cured. Has extremely high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap, etc.) and high UV filtering properties.

£163.29 +VAT  •   £195.95 incl. VAT

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