Max Protect Water Spot Remover

Hard water spots and etching can be a real problem to remove, especially on modern soft paintwork.

Max Protect Hard Water Spot Remover is an easy to use, non-abrasive solution, which will not scratch the paint while removing water spots – very easy and quick to use.

Very effective if used as pre-cleaner for paint before correction stages – removes water stains, etching, bugs, tree sap, tar, etc. so you can start on clean paint. Better start – better final result!

Can be used on many surfaces that suffer from hard water staining – paint, plastic, glass, stainless steel, etc.

If using on glass, this product leaves crystal clear finish with no smears, and creates a super hydrophobic surface (non-permanent). We recommend using this product as a pre-cleaner prior to our Ultimate Glass Coat PRO application, or use it for cleaning glass on a regular basis – you will love the crystal clear finish this product creates!

Available in 100ml, 275ml, 500ml & 1ltr form.


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