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Whilst 911 GT models are our speciality, we’re set up to maintain and fix all things Porsche. JZM’s mechanics and specialist technicians are the doctors and surgeons to our operation, comprehensively kitted out with maintenance and diagnostic equipment from 1964 through to the present day. JZM also have direct connections to Porsche Zuffenhausen and Weissach’s technical departments, if needs be. We have quite a history of fixing things, and we’re proud to have assisted Porsche a few times, as they have us over the years.


Any service department is only as good as its best technician. At JZM, mechanical understanding runs alongside computer diagnostic assistance, this more reliable approach puts our work and your Porsche in better stead. The issue with modern era vehicles is that ECU’s and diagnostics might instruct what parts to change but not how to fix a problem. Our technicians are taught how to fix things, which makes them proper mechanics, technicians and engineers. We don’t just fit the parts, we make sure it all works how it should.

Porsche Service enquiry

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Porsche Maintenance

70% of all Porsche ever made are still on the road, and JZM are very much part of that record credential. With 40+ years of service and tuning experience, the Porsche in our workshop are handled with a depth of knowledge that spans from the early 911’s through to the latest models.

Once the work is complete you can go through the maintenance report with the technician who worked on your Porsche to find out as much as they did. All the work carried out is recorded so each car can build its own history file over time with JZM. Rest assured when your Porsche arrives at JZM it’s in hands with as much conscientiousness for it as you have.

We’ve had Carrera 3.2 Coupe with 680,000 kilometres (422,000 miles) from new, at JZM. Driven 10,000km per month and Porsche serviced every 6 weeks. Restored by the revered Porsche specialist Manfred Freisinger and engine rebuilt by JZM – a matching numbers Porsche that drives as good as new, all down to good, regular servicing and proper maintenance.

Porsche Maintenance Equipment

The JZM workshop is equipped with Porsche’s PIWIS 3 diagnostic system, with this we can service and maintain the full range of Porsche models to their optimal standards. We receive the same system updates when their main workshops do. We can do everything Porsche can do, your Porsche warrantee is not effected. For the modern Porsche, we can code it in to the car’s system when the maintenance work is complete. For the older Porsche we have all the original diagnostic kit including the microfiche library covering every car from the early 356’s.

Porsche Partner Network [PPN]

Formerly known as the Porsche eXternal Network [PXN], access requires special accreditation and JZM were the first of very few UK independent Porsche specialists to be Porsche eXternal Network accredited with direct access and live connection to Porsche. This gives us the ability to perform all necessary reprogramming and key code adaption functions which guarantees JZM service your Porsche at Porsche main dealer standards, and some.

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