Porsche Service at JZM Porsche

Service time again, unbelievable – like birthdays, they seem to come around that quick, but unlike birthdays, servicing is no time for surprises. We’ll tell you everything it will *and might* need up front. We only use genuine Porsche parts and equipment to maintain Porsche (and JZM) warranties. Our technicians are trained and certified by Porsche to run Porsche servicing to exacting standards. Whilst servicing your Porsche, our technicians’ attention is also geared to JZM’s own stringent checklist – after all, it might be in our showroom one day.

Look-up your Porsche service intervals

Quick guide to check Porsche car service intervals.

Porsche Service enquiry

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If arranging drop-off and pick-up is a hassle we have courtesy cars. Or we can recommend our preferred logistics partner to collect and return your Porsche by enclosed transporter – just ask when booking your service.

Your Porsche serviced by JZM Porsche

JZM have serviced Porsche for 40+ years and as the knowledge deepens the passion grows. Our workshop is often host to GT2’s, 3’s, RS’s, R’s, Turbos, through to classic 911’s and fully prepped track cars. With all our era-specific through to latest servicing equipment there’s not a Porsche model we can’t service.

During a scheduled Porsche service our technicians also inspect ancillary component condition to ensure there’ll be no foreseeable problems down the road. At JZM we’re here to go through the service report details so you can learn as much about your car as we did. We don’t compete on price, so we can promise a service at JZM Porsche is as good as it gets. Rest assured when your Porsche is at JZM, it’s in capable hands with as much love for it as you have.

Porsche Partner Network – PPN

Access to PNN requires a special accreditation and we were the first of very few UK independent Porsche specialists to be Porsche eXternal Network accredited. This allows us to log in to the main Porsche network and access all technical updates and the latest coding capabilities. JZM have the ability to perform all necessary reprogramming and key coding the same way Porsche main dealers do.

Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System – PIWIS Ⅲ

Our workshop is equipped with all three generations of the PIWIS 3 Porsche diagnostic system, including direct access and live connection to Porsche HQ Zuffenhausen. Porsche continuously update this system which enables their workshops and ours to service and maintain the full range of Porsche models to their optimal standards. Amongst the in-depth technical information it gives us about the car, it also provides:
• Diagnostic applications
• Guided fault finding
• Precise values and input signals
• Drive links and tests
• Wiring diagrams and application
• Maintenance and repair guides
• Data logging
• Coding and programming

It can also tell how many times the car has been started, how many hours it’s run, under what conditions, when it has red-lined, how many times and component wear levels. It’s like a Porsche Electrocardiogram and MRI scanner all in one.

Porsche servicing Hertfordshire

Our Porsche servicing facility is in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire with easy access from Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Greater London, Berkshire & Essex – please ask if you require specialist transportation for your Porsche from anywhere in the UK or consider booking our mobile Porsche service.

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