Tuning Porsche for the track

Being involved in motorsport over 40 years taught us a thing or two about how to make a Porsche faster down the straight, quicker round corners and spend less time in the pits. JZM’s origins, history and reputation is built on mechanical quality, exacting standards and informed performance tuning.

Formidable experience

Over the years JZM have worked with significant brands and racing drivers, no surprise we’re big WEC and F1 fans. We are not commissioned or sponsored and whilst we’re up to speed on what’s new, we only apply what really works. Our knowledge and experience with racing Porsche coupled with your specific requirements makes upgrades at JZM formidable.

Porsche Tuning enquiry

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The car

We are fortunate enough to work on current and classic series Porsche that race around the globe. We have setup charts for most UK and European tracks and beyond. When you need to hoon it to the track, we can get the right kit and set your Porsche up for all scenarios.

The driver

Ultimately the most important part in the pursuit of winning is you. Whilst we tailor track tuning setups to each individual driver to improve your lap times, we have a network of ex- and current racing drivers available who can mentor your racing skill. Driver coaching with ex-F1 and or telemetry analysis. Contact Tom for further information.

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