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Born on the race track over 40 years ago, JZM has amassed experience and in-depth knowledge of what Porsche tuning works and what doesn’t. The 911 is nearly 60 years in the making – an incredibly refined car, and not an obvious one to upgrade and tune properly. Also there’s no one solution for any car, driver or scenario. Talk to us about your Porsche so we can advise you on the right approach and modifications that’ll achieve your ambitions.

The 911 – such wrong physics, done right.

Performance upgrades

If you’re interested in handling, weight reduction, improving braking or making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, JZM are refined Porsche tuning specialists. You might know we’ve been Manthey-Racing tuners for quite some time and Porsche tuning at this level informs us alongside everything else we’ve tried and tested over the years. Let’s see what you have and what you want to achieve, and we’ll get the best performance out of your Porsche.

We’ll make it sing.

Our Porsche Tuning facility is in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire with easy access from Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Greater London, Berkshire & Essex – although specialist transportation can be arranged across the UK & beyond.

Porsche Tuning enquiry

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To refine the handling and agility:
• Lightweighting – reduce sprung weight from both inside the cabin and outside by replacing body parts with carbon fibre and other materials. Exhaust systems from Akrapovič and JCR not only reduce weight but also transform the engine note to choral majesty.

• Wheels and tyres — reducing unsprung weight makes a big difference. Swapping the wheels out for lighter Porsche, OZ, BBS, HRE or Manthey-Racing and adding the right rubber is like upgrading the road.

• Suspension upgrades — KW, Öhlins or RSS suspension will transform the handling precision, reducing squat, dive, lift, roll and improve acceleration, agility and responsiveness through improved damping.

• Aerodynamics – the dark art of the unseen e.g. splitters, diffusers, turning vanes, canards, gurney lips and spoilers. Making the air work in your favour.


Aligning the only thing that touches the road and how that contact patch connects with the road is another key to performance. Adjusting camber, caster and toe fine-tunes thrust angle, agility and handling characteristics. We can adjust to 1/60th of a degree with our dedicated ramp and laser system or Manthey-Racing geometry kit to absolute fine-tune the handling characteristics. Big gains achieved for such little cost.

Confidence-boosting tuning.

Powertrain & drivetrain

To improve the famous flat 6 power we have ASNU ultrasonic injector cleaning, tuning maps and airflow tuning options. Gearbox ratio changes, flywheel and clutch refinements can be dialled in to suit your drive. Gearbox final drive – the crown wheel and pinion gearing between transmission and the driven wheels will adjust torque and top speed. Limited Slip Differential was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930’s to overcome grip issues on bends and provide more predictable handling. We can modify or fit performance limited slip diff’s to reset and vastly improve corner traction.


Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes PCCB are 50% lighter than the standard factory option. We can fit OEM or raise the bar with formidable options from Surface Transforms, Performance Friction and Alcon. Better brakes improve brake feel and durability, lighter brakes reduce unsprung weight and ironically improve your 0–60mph. We recommend all brake disc/rotor, pad and caliper combination upgrades are tailored dependant on how you need them.

Porsche OEM Sport upgrades

If your Sport Chrono Package hasn’t been unlocked yet – we can. Opening Sport mode for manual cars and Sport Plus for PDK transmissions facilitates lightning-fast shifts and super sharp throttle response. Some models have also have a full on Power Kit option available too. We can also add PSE or Porsche Sport Exhaust to switch from quiet to loud at the click of a button, although purely emotive, it does sound satisfyingly more powerful. For the Porsche OEM upgrades click > Tequipment link here < for what’s available that we can add to your car.

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