JCR Inconel Race Manifolds 991 GT3 / RS


From the 991.1 GT3 to the latest 991.2 GT3 RS, the factory exhaust system is somewhat a comprimised piece. Porsche have engineered an exhaust system which will meet the requirements of each and every customer, from the every day driver to the most avid track day fan.

The JCR Exhaust line is modular in its construction, meaning that when combined with factory components our products allow for an impressive number of permutations. We offer a number of material choices, from high grade T321 Stainless Steel through to the lightest weight motorsport grade Titanium. This means that no matter what you’re looking to achieve our line of Exhaust components will surely be able to fit your needs.

Light Weight

Due to the 100% Inconel construction the JCR Inconel Race Manifolds removes an impressive amount of weight from the rear end – Any weight reduction is good news however reducing weight rearward of the 911’s rear axle can yield huge improvements in handling balance too. This truly is a win win modification.

Power Increase

Every component of the JCR Exhaust line is guarenteed to improve HP & TQ with varying results dependant on the combination of parts. Our most extreme free flowing system will see gains in the mid 30HP along with great improvements in engine response and mid range torque. Deleting the highly restrictive factory catalysts not only brings a hard edged race car sound but also drastically improves flow resulting in increased HP & TQ

Key Features

  • 100% Inconel Construction
  • Direct Replacement To OEM Manifolds (not compatible with OEM side silencers)
  • -2.65kg (5.84lbs) Weight Reduction vs OEM
  • Peak WHP Delta 30.90hp (991.1 GT3 RS)
  • Peak WTQ Delta 25.55wtq (991.2 GT3 RS)
  • Improved Sound Quality

£5,230.00 +VAT  •   £6,276.00 incl. VAT

991.1 • 2012 – 2016
991.2 • 2016 – 2019
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