Manthey Racing 996 GT3 (Mk2) K410 Engine Conversion

Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 Engine Kit K410

Manthey Racing engine power kits encompass the whole experience of thousands of racing miles with the Porsche 911 GT3 model range.

An increase of approximately 30bhp and 30 Nm, and a weight saving of 6.7 kg in the rear of a Porsche 911 results from extensive testing to ensure not only increased performance but also reliability and longevity. This kit was developed and tuned using one of the most modern test facilities in Germany. Improved acceleration and torque come at no cost to top speed, so there is no higher thermal load acting on the engine block. The kit includes a complete sports stainless steel exhaust system and MM-Motronic.

Only available through JZM installation.

£9,500.00 +VAT  •   £11,400.00 incl. VAT

SKU: MM996MTK410
996 • 1998 – 2005
GT3 Mk II 2003 – 2005
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