Bentley Continental Supersports for sale

This superb Bentley Continentel Supersports has just arrived for sale at JZM. A wonderful example of the fastest and best-handling Bentley, the Continental Supersports has the 621 bhp W12 engine, hits sixty in 3.7 seconds and will easily exceed 200 mph.

Testing the Supersports for Autocar magazine, the respected journalist Steve Cropley was effusive in his praise for this incredible machine. “At 40mph this car just glides,” said Cropley. “Double, then treble the speed and it still glides, its powerful, adaptable dampers translating even the most body-heaving hump into a controlled, passenger-friendly movement.

“This is one of those mythical cars whose suspension is stiff and wheels are huge but which insists on riding brilliantly. Cornering meets the same exalted standards. This car eats corners like 2200kg coupes almost never do.”

One gets the feeling that we may never again see the like of the Bentley Supersports Coupe in terms of great British brutes, built with unequivocal attention to detail. Our car with carbon seats, ceramic brakes and just 36k miles from new is for sale at £66,900. Email to discuss in more detail.



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