JZM Porsche Market Report October 2016

Though the Porsche market is less frenetic than the heady times of recent years, the right stock mix at sensible prices will still generate plenty of activity. The last two months at JZM Porsche were exceptionally busy and October was especially rewarding. As this month draws to a close, we are knocking on the door of thirty cars sold, with an average selling price in excess of £140,000.

The average selling price was slightly skewed by some big-ticket sales including Carrera GT and GT2 RS, but even taking those out of the mix leaves reason to celebrate. Such a strong month leaves a big hole in our showroom, which we’re keen to fill with the right cars, but what is the right stock in the current market?

Condition is paramount on all classic and modern Porsches, so cars must be in very good condition to achieve the best prices and to bring in high quality buyers. As there is little point offering a mix of spotless 911s amongst lesser examples of standard Carreras, our shopping list therefore tends to be led by higher end models: GT2/3s, all RS models, Turbo and Turbo S, Carrera S and the more collectible air-cooled cars. We also have a lot of interest in the latest performance Porsches.

This mix forms the backbone of JZM stock. It is an eclectic, high quality blend of very desirable cars, so when the market slows down and entry-level buyers are put under pressure, our clientele tends to be less affected. That said, all buyers are market aware and price is always a talking point. This is a highly dynamic market and all prices have moved in the last twelve months, but some have moved more than others and not all have moved downwards.

Though the 964 market has softened a touch in the last twelve months, the best examples have continued to trade well behind closed doors. With prices now lower than a year ago, those in the market for a usable long-term investment would do well to consider the air-cooled 964RS models. With prices now lower than a year ago, the RS is beginning to attract increased levels of interest, but opportunities to buy the best cars are no longer commonplace.

With prices for the air-cooled Porsche 911 Turbos now streaking off into the stratosphere, attention has switched to the water-cooled 911 Turbos as classics-in-waiting. Though prices for the very best 996 Turbos have already started to lift, they are a long way behind the highest-priced early cars. We may assume that there is still room for appreciation.

All 911 Turbos have proved to be decent investments over recent years, but the 930 model that founded the legend back in 1974 is finally coming into its own. The best-performing 911 Turbo investments have traditionally been low mileage, right-hand drive cars with excellent history. So, while we have done well with all LHD models post-Brexit, we are currently honing on on RHD 930 Turbos for stock, including flat-nose and Turbo LE models, to join our established mix of top condition GT3s of all ages and good normally aspirated air-cooled cars, both right- and left-hand drive.

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