Porsche builds the millionth 911

Porsche has just announced the production of 911 number one million. An Irish Green 991 Carrera S was the millionth Porsche 911 to be built since the model’s introduction in 1963 and the car was instantly transferred to the Porsche Museum collection.

The 911 remains the most strategically important model in Porsche’s entire product range and makes a huge contribution to maintaining Porsche’s position as one of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world. Last year, a staggering 32,365 Porsche 911 models were delivered worldwide and the many model variants satisfy a wide range of sports car buyers who also need a certain degree of practicality.

Unsurprisingly, today’s 911s are vastly bigger than the original cars from 1963, but Porsche insists it has never strayed from the founding concept of its rear-engined sports car. “We have continued to enhance the technology of the 911, refining and perfecting the sports car”, says Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG. “This is why it remains a state-of-the-art and technically innovative vehicle. We have also been able to expand the model line very successfully through derivates.”

Porsche is not selling the millionth 911. The car will eventually take up a position as part of the Porsche Museum collection, but, before that happens, it will embark on a world tour, including “road trips in the Scottish Highlands, around the Nürburgring and in the USA, China and beyond”. What’s beyond China? We are keen to discover.

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